9 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Coworkers

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One of the best parts about being newly pregnant is announcing it to friends and family. Seeing their shock and excitement (almost) makes the nausea and fatigue worth it.

But what about telling your coworkers? If blurting out “I’m pregnant” in a staff meeting is not the way you want to play it, here are some fun, creative ways to let them in on your little secret.

1. Sweet News

Nothing brightens up a work day like free cake or donuts. One pregnancy announcement trend is currently sweeping the internet, where moms-to-be bring in baked goods a little sign saying, “Eat up! My mommy doesn’t want to be the only one with a belly. – Baby (last name)”. Attach the ultrasound picture if you have it. 

Another good line could be, “Cookies/cupcakes aren’t the only things baking around here.” If you live in the UK or somewhere else where iced buns are popular, bring in some iced buns with a “bun in the oven – due (month/year)” sign.

2. Save the Date

If you work in an office, you’re probably used to sending and accepting calendar invitations for meetings and events. Send a calendar invitation for the due date, or block out the day on coworkers’ calendars, telling them you ‘expect’ to be out that day.

Attach the ultrasound picture or other photos you’ve already used to tell family and friends.

3. Subtle Mug

If you want an excuse to get a new coffee mug, get one that says, “Drinking for Two”, “Mommy to Be”, “Mom (est. year)” or “Coming Soon” (with baby footprints) and see how long it takes for people to notice. This could work well if your coworkers often make each other a cup of tea or coffee.

a woman holding a personalized mommy to be mug

Next time someone offers to make you a cup, hand them the mug and wait for the penny to drop.

4. Candy Clue

This is a good one for seeing people’s reactions face-to-face. Put jelly beans in a jar, with a note attached that says, “From me and my little jelly bean”, or “It’s time to spill the beans—we’re expecting in (month/year)” with the ultrasound picture attached. With sweets and photo in place, email everyone to say you have sweets at your desk.

jelly beans with from me and my little jelly bean card

If one of your pregnancy cravings is chocolate, you could also do this with pink and blue M&Ms in a Prego pasta sauce jar.

5. Big Promotion

Depending on your relationship with your boss, it might be fun to get him or her involved. Your boss can send out an email to the team announcing your promotion—to Mom. This is another good one to use the ultrasound photo or other photos you’ve used to announce to loved ones.

If you’d like to email it out yourself, bring in pink and blue cupcakes. Then email everyone to say you’re celebrating your new promotion with baked goods at your desk. 

6. New Team Member

If you have a management role or you lead a specific team, send out an email announcing that there will be a new person joining the team. Explain that you’ve included some information about them (credentials, profile, background) and then attach the ultrasound photo.

You could even make up some baby-related ‘credentials’ in the form of a resume, like “Skilled in kicking, swimming and making Mommy nauseous” or “Currently ranked #1 in Cuteness.”

Cups of tea, teapot and tea bags on wooden table close-up

7. Baby Brewing

A hot cup of tea or a strong coffee doesn’t just make the day go faster; in many offices, it’s a social thing. If your workplace is tea-crazy, set out fancy cups and saucers, a teapot and a basket of (decaf!) tea bags with a little sign saying “Baby Brewing” next to the ultrasound photo.

This could also work with a bag of decaf coffee by the coffee machine, or you can use the “It’s time to spill the beans!” line with a bag of coffee beans instead of jelly beans.

8. Survey Says

Part of the fun of pregnancy announcements is catching people off-guard. Create a poll/survey using an online program like Survey Monkey. If you’re in HR or management, put your staff off the scent by using normal work-related questions (“how often do you take screen breaks” or “how long is your commute?”).

Announce your good news with the last question: “Will Baby (last name) be a boy or a girl?” or “How much do you think Baby (last name) will weigh?” Add a space for Comments at the end of the survey so people can write messages.

If you’re not in management, use the survey as an excuse to get to know people better, e.g., ask about their hobbies outside of work, or their preferences for an upcoming team social. Then surprise them all with the last question!

If you ask everyone to guess the baby’s weight: get a small prize for whoever comes closest to the baby’s actual weight, which you (or another coworker) can award once the baby is born.

9. Puzzle Fun

Depending on your work environment, it might be fun to put a pregnancy announcement puzzle in a common area, like the kitchen or a meeting room. Then email your coworkers and tell them you have news—but they’ll have to put the puzzle together first to find out.

pregnancy announcement puzzle

You could also set a sign next to the puzzle—“Solve me to find out (your name)’s big news!”

10. (Bonus!)

If all else fails, why not spell it out with safety pins?

safety pins for pregnancy announcement

I hope this gives you some fun, original ideas when letting your coworkers in on your happy news! Now all that’s left to do is plan that maternity leave…