Announcing a Pregnancy to Parents who are ALREADY Grandparents

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Telling your own parents that they’re going to be grandparents for the first time is an incredible moment, one to remember. Many pregnancy announcement ideas include phrases like, “You’re going to be a grandpa!” or “The best mom gets promoted to grandma.” But what if your parents are already grandparents?

Maybe your siblings have children, or you’re about to welcome your second child. If you’re looking for a cute or creative way to tell your parents they’re going to be grandparents—again—check out these ideas for some inspiration.

Promoted to Big Brother/Sister

Promoted to Big Brother - 2T Toddler T-shirt - Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Obviously, this one’s for those who already have a child. We used this idea when telling my own parents about Baby #2. Get a t-shirt like this one for your first child that says “Promoted to Big Brother/Sister”, and have him or her wear it when you’re going to see your parents.

Promoted to Big Brother T-Shirt Going to Big Bro Sibling Announcement Reveal Tees Blue (2T)

We didn’t point it out; I wanted to see how long it took them to notice. (It took about 5 seconds.) My toddler was pretty confused about why everyone was suddenly squealing and hugging.

This can still work if you’re expecting Baby #3 or #4, as you can put the shirt on your youngest child.

Puzzle Time

Want to make them work for the news? Getting your parents a “You’re going to be grandparents again” puzzle is a creative, hands-on way to share your secret. The slow assembly will keep them in suspense, and then—surprise! Glue and frame the end result for a pretty keepsake.

I also liked this heart-shaped one. Because you can personalize it, you could make it say, “Grandparents-to-be AGAIN”.

Send a Card

Sending cards is quickly becoming a lost past-time, but many people still appreciate receiving paper notes. This card, which says, “What do you give parents who already have everything?” (Inside: “Another grandchild”) is a beautiful, simple way to tell them your news.

excited grandparents received a card which says they will have another grandchild

Whether your parents live far away, or you’re lucky enough to hand it to them in person, this sweet sentiment will make their day.

Make sure you choose the “Another grandchild” option at checkout.

Grandparents’ T-shirt

Toddlers shouldn’t be the only ones getting new t-shirts! I love this “Promoted to Grandma Again” shirt, available on Etsy in over 20 colors. It’s cute, stylish, and something your mom can wear again and again.

It’s a perfect way to let your mom tell her friends, too, because “when can I tell everyone?” is probably going to be her very next question.

We can’t forget about the grandfathers! Check out this “I’m going to be a grandpa again” shirt, also available in a range of colors. A great option for your dad, who will probably rock the grandfather look a little better than the t-shirt models do.

Dineand Wine

You may not be able to drink for 9 months, but that shouldn’t stop others from enjoying a nice glass of wine. Etsy has some great wine labels, including this one that says, “Drink this for me, because you’re grandparents-to-be, AGAIN!” and the classic, “Pairs well with becoming grandparents again.” 

Invite your parents over for dinner, and ask if one of them would pour the wine. Surely the first thing they’ll inspect is the label, right? Even better if you can catch their reaction on video.

couple announcing pregnancy to their parents in a dinner

Big Changes

Although giving your parents cute keepsakes and presents is a sweet gesture, buying them a pack of newborn diapers is 100% practical. Attach a note that says, “There are going to be some BIG CHANGES around here!” You can never have enough diapers, as you’re about to find out (or be reminded, if this isn’t your first baby).

If your parents already help out with your first child or your siblings’ children, you could write, “You’ll need a lot more of these in (due date month), so I thought I’d start stocking up now.” It’s a win-win. They get to find out they have another grandchild on the way, and you’ve checked something off your “to buy” list. For now.

Another Mug

Your parents are going to need a lot more caffeine, now that they’ll have another grandchild to care for! Tell them your big news with a “Grandma/Grandpa Again” mug, the perfect addition to their mug collection. Have them over for a coffee date and wait for the penny to drop.

I also liked this personalized option, although it’s probably best for when you’re sure the new baby will be the last grandchild.

Every new grandchild is an amazing blessing to grandparents, even if it’s not their first. I hope these ideas create a memorable moment you can look back on with a smile. You may be adding one grandchild to the family, but you’ll be multiplying the joy.