Can Babies Eat Crumpets? Safety and Serving Info

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Crumpets are a popular UK bread that many enjoy with butter and jam or jelly around the world. However, at what age can your baby eat crumpets? Let’s talk about it!

Crumpets are safe for your baby as long as they are cut and served in the appropriate fashion for their age and development. 

Let’s break this information down more deeply and talk about feeding crumpets to your baby, including the best toppings to serve! Read on! 

Can Babies Eat Crumpets? Are they Safe?

Babies can safely eat crumpets as long as they are in the appropriate texture for their age. Crumpets are popular in the UK and are made from a batter of flour, milk, and yeast.

crumpets with butter

Even though it is advised that babies do not consume cow’s milk before they are 12 months old, since it is an ingredient in the crumpets, it is okay (source: Cleveland Clinic). It is just recommended to avoid giving your young baby cow’s milk to drink. 

Many parents also wonder about the safety of crumpets because of the potential for their baby to have a wheat allergy, one of the top eight food allergies that exist. However, research does not support any reason to avoid feeding a new food to your baby for fear of a food allergy (source: American Academy of Pediatrics).

However, it is still essential to be aware of the potential symptoms of a food allergy to know when to seek medical attention.

Food allergy symptoms include vomiting, hives, diarrhea, swelling, itching, difficulty breathing, and more (source: Johns Hopkins Medicine). The symptoms of an allergic reaction would usually appear within a couple of minutes to an hour of eating the food. 

Now let’s talk about the appropriate textures for giving your baby crumpets (source: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign). Here is the information in table form: 

Age in MonthsCan Your Baby Have Crumpets? 
6Yes, puree the crumpets with breast milk or formula for a thin puree
7Yes, a thicker puree is appropriate
8Yes, a thicker puree is appropriate
9Yes, serve cut up and toasted (finger foods)
10Yes, serve cut up and toasted (finger foods)
11Yes, serve cut up and toasted (finger foods)
12Yes, serve cut up and toasted (finger foods)

How to Cut and Serve Crumpets to a Baby

When your baby is six months old, puree the crumpets with breast milk or infant formula to create a thin and watery puree, like applesauce. You can make a thicker puree closer to mashed potatoes if they are a bit older.

When serving the crumpets as finger food to the nine to twelve-month baby, try toasting the crumpet to make it easier for your baby to eat because it will not stick together in their mouth. Cut them up into tiny pieces to avoid choking.

Additionally, crumpets are an excellent option for baby-led weaning because the small pieces are firm enough for your baby to pick them up and bring them to their mouth easily. 

crumpets with apricot jam toppings on  a plate

Crumpet Toppings for Babies

Since crumpets are usually eaten with butter and jam or jelly, these toppings are also appropriate for your older baby. Butter can give your baby the fat and calories they need to grow. However, do not give them too much jam or jelly because it can be high in added sugar. Perhaps offer small pieces of cut-up soft fruit, such as banana or melon. 

You could also provide even more healthy fats by adding some mashed or cut-up avocado as a topping to their crumpet. Avocados are rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fat, and beneficial calories your baby grows.

Overall, crumpets are an excellent food option that you can safely give to your baby. In conclusion, I hope you found this article helpful in learning how to serve your baby crumpets safely.