Hottest Baby Names of 2018


So you’re having a baby but you don’t know what you’re going to name it. You want to be able to give your baby that great name that will follow them throughout their entire life. A name versatile and strong. Many people also believe that your name effects your earning potential. Lets look at this years hottest names and our advice on naming your baby.

Most Popular Girls Names

  1. Olivia
    The name Olivia is of Greek Origin and was first used by Shakespeare for a character in Twelth Night. Olivia’s are intelligent, strong, and have vibrant personalities.
  2. Isabella
    A variation of Isabel, it means “devoted to God” in Hebrew. Despite its Hebrew origin, Isabella has a huge cross cultural appeal and is very versatile as it can transform into the name Izzy, Issy, Isabel, or Elizabeth.
  3. Sophia
    Sophia is a name from the Greek “Sofia” meaning wisdom. Sophia has been a common name among European Royalty for centuries and has recently jumped up in popularity due to its versatility and femininity.
  4. Mia
    Mia is of Latin-American origin and means the “wished-for child.” Although marked by rebellion and free spirit Mia is an extremely fun and versatile name that is beautiful off of the tongue.
  5. Amelia
    Amelia is a blend of the names Emelia and Amalia. It means “industrious” and “striving” in the Latin-American culture. There have been many strong Amelia’s throughout history and it is a name that we hope comes across your mind when picking your babies name.

Hottest Boys Names

  1. Liam
    Originating from Scotland, Liam is known as a strong willed warrior and protector. He is very responsible and dependable and all of the ladies love him. Well know Liam’s include Liam Neeson and Liam Hemsworth.
  2. Noah
    Coming from the biblical Noah, Noah is strong, independent, and industrious. Any Noah is bound to be creative, smart, and competitive.
  3. Mason
    Mason is frequently a name that can be used for either sex. Although unisex, this name has gained popularity in the last couple years. This name is not extremely versatile but any Mason is attractive and strong.
  4. Logan
    Logan’s are the kind of guys who dominate in all sports. Logan’s are boys boys who have all the friends in the world and loves spending time with friends. If you name your kid Logan they are bound to have plenty of friends and good time.
  5. Alexander
    Alexander is a great conqueror and bound for great things. Coming from Alexander the Great, Alexander is an extremely versatile name that often breeds a strong independent individual.

Finding your baby name isn’t easy but we hope you will find some good names above to help start guiding your search.

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