How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Baby


It is easy to say that there’s a lot of pressure in picking your babies name. Especially since that name will be following them the rest of their life. As members of the Baby industry for the last two-decades, this is a question that we get very frequently and we want to make sure we can put your concern to rest. Consequently the Baby Facts contributors have put together a step-by-step method to choose your babies name.

Step 1: You Know the Gender, Right?

So many times, parents start considering the names of their babies before finding out the gender of their baby. If you are in this category, just take a deep breath. At this point the only thing I would recommend is that you and your significant other pick 5 male and female names each and discuss those names casually until you actually find out the gender of your baby. If you do not want to find the gender of your baby go onto the next step and follow the advice for both gender.

Step 2: Don’t Get Concerned if it’s a Popular Name

When you first pick the name, you’re probably going to think it’s extremely original but don’t freak out if it suddenly starts popping up. However, if you have hoped to give your baby an unique name, then do your homework first. Go to sites like Nameberry or BabyNameWizard to check out the most popular name or talk to preschool teachers to find out how uncommon your favorite name really is.

Step 3: Don’t Be To Set on That “Perfect” Name

Yes, you and your significant other might have countless fights over what to name the baby, however, that is ok. Our best advice would to be understanding when working with your significant other. It is important to recognize that this is a group process and as a result all parties should have equal say in the baby naming process.

Step 4: Consider if You Want a Name From Your Heritage

I have seen many parents name their kids after their Great Aunt’s and Uncle’s and often it is great to give your baby a name that has historical value. At Baby Facts we would just recommend that the name is versatile. There are many great baby names out there and we are excited to help you figure out your baby name. Don’t forget to talk to friends and family but remember that either way, your baby will learn to love and appreciate their names as they go through their lives.

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