12 Cute Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Looking for a fall-inspired way to announce your pregnancy? Pumpkins rule the patch in these cute autumnal ideas. Whether this is your first baby, you’re expecting multiples, or your little pumpkin is soon to be a big sibling, these pumpkin-themed pregnancy announcements will carve out the widest grins for your family and friends.

Pumpkin Family

1. You’ll need to grab an extra pumpkin during your visit to the pumpkin patch! Get a pumpkin for each member of the family—a daddy, mommy, any older children, and a tiny one to represent the baby.

Hollow out the mommy pumpkin and carve a heart window in the side. Then place the baby pumpkin inside the mommy pumpkin, and, voila! You’ve got a picture-perfect pumpkin family, ready for a photo.

2. If you’d like to carve more than one, carve faces for each of the family members. Some people even include carved pumpkins to represent their pets, especially when it’s their first child, because they want more than three pumpkins for the family photo.

3. For those particularly artistic or good with a carving knife: carve out the side of a large pumpkin to make the remaining piece look like a baby in utero. Create an umbilical cord to connect it to the side of the pumpkin. You can carve the due date into a second pumpkin, then light candles inside for a beautiful finish.

Adding a Pumpkin to Our Patch

4. This one involves another pumpkin patch visit. Choose a fairly good-sized pumpkin to hold against your stomach, then get your partner to take a picture of you cradling your “pumpkin baby”, with the caption “Adding a pumpkin to our patch! (Due date month/year).”

5. You can use this caption for different photos. Similar to the carved pumpkin family idea but a little less messy: get three or four pumpkins to represent your family.

young couple announcing pregnancy with a pumpkin

Drape a tie over the daddy pumpkin, a necklace on the mommy pumpkin, and any siblings can have a bow or a baseball cap. Stick a pacifier in the baby pumpkin, snap a photo, and tell the world about your newest addition.

6. If you already have one or more children, take a picture of your family standing together, with everyone’s year of birth written on a pumpkin in front of each person. Put a small pumpkin at the end, with the baby’s due date. 

Little Pumpkin

7. “Little pumpkin” is a popular nickname for a new baby, perfect for an autumnal pregnancy announcement. One cute idea involving your partner: take a photo of the two of you, with him hugging you from behind.

Clasp a little pumpkin in both hands, at stomach level, and write “our little pumpkin (year)”. This idea works well for twins, too—get two little pumpkins and write “twins” on one, “due (month/year)” on the other.

8. Many parents-to-be like to use this phrase: “We’re excited to say—a little pumpkin is on the way!” Write it across three pumpkins for a great photo op, or get one of these adorable chalkboard prints from Etsy.

little pumpkin chalkboard baby pregnancy announcement

9. If you already have an older child, take a photo of him or her holding a pumpkin and the ultrasound, with the caption “This lil pumpkin is being promoted to Big Brother/Sister!”

Pumpkin T-Shirt

10. Those of you more practically-minded will love this cute maternity shirt on Etsy. You can wear it to share your news even before your bump grows, and it’ll come in handy when your other shirts no longer fit.

pregnant woman wearing my little pumpkin maternity shirt

I also liked this one which says, “Don’t Eat Pumpkin Seeds”, with two tiny feet inside the pumpkin. It’s a cute and subtle way to announce your pregnancy, and you can wear it long after Halloween is over. This one puts the pumpkin right where the bump will be, making the message a little more obvious.

don't eat pumpkin seeds maternity shirt with jeans
pregnant woman wearing don't eat pumpkin seeds maternity shirt

Pumpkin-Themed Photo Captions

11. You don’t necessarily need a t-shirt to use the “don’t eat pumpkin seeds” line! If you’re announcing on social media late in the pregnancy, take a photo of you holding your baby bump next to your partner holding a large pumpkin. Add the caption “don’t eat pumpkin seeds” and watch the smiley emojis roll in.

12. A few more captions to go alongside a pumpkin-themed photo or the ultrasound picture: “Growing a little pumpkin”, “Pumpkin in the making”, “Pumpkin pie for two” (if around Thanksgiving), “Get ready to fall in love (due date)”, “Hello Pumpkin”, or “What’s sweeter than pumpkin pie? Baby (last name), due (month/year)!”

Pumpkin-themed pregnancy announcements are varied and versatile, with endless possibilities for creativity. As you wait for your little pumpkin to arrive, enjoy sharing your news and spreading some autumnal joy.

And if you’ve carved up a pumpkin, go ahead and eat the pumpkin seeds—they’re actually the perfect healthy snack for pregnant women.