Are Goli Gummies Safe When Breastfeeding? ACV and More

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Goli Nutrition gummies are a well-known brand of dietary vitamin supplements, with varieties such as apple cider vinegar gummies, ashwagandha gummies, super fruits, and more.

However, many women wonder if it is safe for them to consume these various types of gummies while they are breastfeeding.

Overall, Goli gummies are safe to consume for breastfeeding women. This includes varieties such as their apple cider vinegar, super greens, or super fruits gummies. However, their Ashwagandha gummies and the “Calm Bites” are not safe to consume as they contain ashwagandha, which has been deemed “Likely Unsafe” by the FDA.

Let’s dive more into the specific varieties of Goli gummy and if and how they can be safely incorporated into the diet while nursing

Are Goli ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Gummies Safe When Breastfeeding? 

Goli ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) gummies are safe for breastfeeding women to consume. In fact, they have many benefits to breastfeeding women.

The Goli ACV gummies claim to support a healthy heart, immune system, energy metabolism, and much more. They contain raw apple cider vinegar (of course!) along with vitamin B12, vitamin 9, pomegranate, and more. 

Apple cider vinegar is essentially a fermented apple juice that is available in grocery stores or health food stores as either pasteurized or raw. It contains natural probiotics and antioxidants (source: Cleveland Clinic). 

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However, the Goli gummies contain unpasteurized apple cider vinegar since the Goli website specifies they are made with the “mother” of the apple cider vinegar during processing. The mother is another name for the bacteria that is produced while the apples are fermenting. 

This is an excellent source of probiotics that can support a healthy gut and digestive system.

The lack of pasteurization often worries breastfeeding women due to the warnings against unpasteurized kinds of milk and juices during pregnancy. However, there are no reasons for breastfeeding women to avoid unpasteurized juice. 

Additionally, the apple cider vinegar (including the mother) is so heavily processed in the commercially-made Goli gummies that it is likely that any harmful bacteria would be killed off anyway. 

Apple cider vinegar has many benefits for everyone, including breastfeeding women. Due to its high antioxidant content, apple cider vinegar can help protect cells in the body from damage from harmful free radicals (source: Cleveland Clinic). 

Additionally, some preliminary studies have demonstrated apple cider vinegar’s impact on lowering blood sugar levels (especially important for those with type 2 diabetes), relieving heartburn or acid reflux, aiding in healthy weight loss, and more (source: Cleveland Clinic).

However, studies demonstrating these effects are small and need to be replicated on a larger scale to determine the actual correlation between consuming apple cider vinegar and these health benefits. 

Goli ACV gummies are a safe and healthy way to reap those potential benefits to health in a tasty gummy form. The recommended serving size of their ACV gummies is one to two gummies three times a day. 

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Can You Have Goli Ashwagandha Gummies When Breastfeeding? 

Goli Ashwagandha gummies tell a different story and are not safe for breastfeeding women.

So why is this? The primary ingredient in this vitamin is Ashwagandha root extract, along with vitamin D. 

Unfortunately, the FDA has deemed ashwagandha as “likely unsafe” for breastfeeding women (source: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences). 

Therefore, it is best to avoid Goli Ashwagandha gummies until you are no longer breastfeeding.

Can I Take Goli Bites or Vitamins When Nursing? 

Some of the Goli Bites and vitamins are safe to consume while breastfeeding. However, others are not.

Goli now offers chocolate “bites” in many varieties, including energy, multivitamin, and energy bites.

The “Calm Bites” contain a dose of ashwagandha as the first ingredient and, therefore, should be avoided while breastfeeding.

However, the “Multi Bites” are simply a daily vitamin and are safe to consume during pregnancy. The “Energy Bites” are also safe to take; however, they contain 20 milligrams of caffeine per bite. 

For breastfeeding women, it is recommended to limit their caffeine consumption to no more than 300 milligrams per day, which is 100 milligrams higher than the recommendation for pregnant women (source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]). 

Therefore, consider the caffeine in the Goli “Energy Bites” within the context of the caffeine you consume throughout the day, including from chocolate, coffee, soft drinks, teas, and energy drinks. 

Additionally, Goli “Super Green” and “Super Fruit” gummies are safe to consume while breastfeeding. They contain a wide list of vitamins, minerals, fruits, and vegetables that have many health benefits. The recommended dosage of these vitamins is two gummies twice daily.

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Also, Goli now offers the new “Dreamy Sleep” gummies, which contain many ingredients, including lemon balm. Lemon balm is deemed as likely safe to consume while breastfeeding and may even act as a galactagogue (source: National Library of Medicine).

A galactagogue is a substance that can help increase milk production for breastfeeding women.  

Similarly, the Goli “Dream Sleep” gummies contain chamomile, which is likely safe for nursing as well (source: National Library of Medicine). However, the main active ingredient in these gummies is melatonin.

More research needs to be done to determine the safety of taking melatonin during lactation. Therefore, speak with your physician or health care provider about the safety and effectiveness of consuming melatonin while you are breastfeeding.

Finally, Goli nutrition offers “Multi” gummies that are multivitamin safe for breastfeeding women. The CDC recommends that breastfeeding mothers take a multivitamin if they are possibly deficient in any nutrient or nutrients from their diet alone. For example, you are vegetarian or vegan.

However, they also recommend speaking with a physician or health care provider to determine which dietary supplements are appropriate for you.

Overall, the Goli nutrition gummies are safe to consume while you are breastfeeding, with the exception of the ashwagandha gummies. Finally, ensure you are consuming the Goli gummies in the recommended dose amounts. 

I hope this article is a helpful guide to Goli gummies and if and how to incorporate them into your diet when breastfeeding safely.