Are Goli Gummies Safe When Pregnant? Complete Guide

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Goli Nutrition gummies are a popular brand of vitamins advertised for different health purposes, including beauty, wellness, and restoration. But are these gummies safe for pregnant women?

The risk of consuming Goli Nutrition gummies during pregnancy is extremely low, yet should be confirmed with your physician. However, the Goli Ashwagandha gummies are not safe to consume when pregnant.

Goli nutrition has many different gummies that may interest you during your pregnancy with benefits from improved sleep to reduced stress. Let’s dive into the products Goli Nutrition offers! 

Are Goli ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Gummies Safe When Pregnant?

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) gummies are touted as supporting heart health, immune functioning, energy production, healthy metabolism, and more! The Goli website recommends one to two gummies three times a day (source: Goli).

The primary ingredient is, of course, ACV with other ingredients, including beetroot for color, pomegranate, vitamin B12, and vitamin B9.

Apple cider vinegar is a popular ingredient for pregnant women and is generally safe for the consumer when pasteurized. When ACV is pasteurized, it means that it is heated during processing to kill any harmful bacteria present, such as Listeria. 

However, the unpasteurized ACV present in the Goli ACV gummies must be taken with caution— more on this later! First, let’s discuss the other ingredients in the Goli Apple Cider Vinegar gummies. 

Vitamin B9 is another name for folic acid or folate, which is especially important for pregnant women and women of childbearing age. Folic acid helps to support red blood cell functioning and helps prevent neural tube defects, including Spina Bifida and cleft palate.

Additionally, having adequate amounts of folic acid in the diet can also reduce the risk of cancer, depression, heart disease, and dementia (source: American Pregnancy Association).

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Pregnant women and women of childbearing age should consume 400-1,000 micrograms of folic acid daily (source: American Pregnancy Association). Each Goli ACV gummy contains 200 micrograms of folic acid, which, when 3-6 gummies are consumed a day, provides 600-1200 micrograms of folic acid a day. 

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, aids in red blood cell creation, metabolism of cells, nervous system functioning, and DNA production (source: Mayo Clinic).

The Goli ACV gummies contain 1.2 micrograms of vitamin B12 in a single gummy. This amount provides 3.6 to 7.2 micrograms of vitamin B12 when the recommended serving size is consumed. For pregnant women, the recommended amount of vitamin B12 is 2.6 micrograms daily (source: American Pregnancy Association). 

These gummies are a terrific source of folic acid and vitamin B12. Folic acid and vitamin B12 specifically work together (along with vitamin B6, or pyridoxine) to lower levels of a dangerous chemical called homocysteine in the blood (source: American Pregnancy Association).

Having an elevated homocysteine level can increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, including a heart attack or stroke. 

Now let’s discuss whether the ACV in the Goli ACV gummies is safe for pregnant women to take.

Is the ACV in Goli Gummies Pasteurized?

According to the Goli Nutrition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, the ACV gummies are made with the “mother” of the ACV at manufacturing. The mother is the bacteria produced during the fermentation of the apples to make the ACV.

Therefore, ACV with the mother or unpasteurized ACV can be an excellent source of probiotics that promotes a healthy gut microbiome for individuals who are not pregnant. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that pregnant women avoid consuming unpasteurized beverages and foods due to the risk of E. Coli and Listeria.

If you have been consuming unpasteurized ACV, there is no need to panic, as the risk of actual harm is extremely low. However, there is just a lack of research confirming safety, so the recommendations err on the side of caution. 

Similarly, since the ACV in Goli gummies is unpasteurized with the mother included, the ACV is heavily processed into the gummy. This process has the potential to kill any bacteria but has not been researched by clinical studies at this time. Therefore, it is essential to speak with your doctor if you are interested in taking the Goli ACV gummies. 

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Can You Take Goli Ashwagandha While Pregnant?

According to the Goli Nutrition website, the Goli Ashwagandha gummies have many benefits that may interest pregnant women, including reducing stress, improving memory, supporting immune health, improving sleep, and much more. The main ingredient is Ashwagandha root extract, as well as vitamin D. 

Unfortunately, with the strong appeal of its health benefits, Ashwagandha has been deemed “likely unsafe” for pregnant and breastfeeding women, according to the FDA (source: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences). Therefore, avoid consuming Goli Ashwagandha gummies during pregnancy. 

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Other Goli Products and Pregnancy Safety

Let’s briefly discuss the three other Goli Nutrition gummies products, including the Triple Action Immune gummies, Superfruits gummies, and Supergreens gummies.  

The Goli Triple Action Immune gummies primarily contain vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and Elderberry extract to boost the immune system. There is also a “botanical blend” of turmeric, ginger, and echinacea (source: Goli)

While turmeric and ginger are both considered safe during pregnancy, speaking with a physician about consuming echinacea is recommended, as it has not been extensively studied in pregnancy (source: The University of Texas at El Paso). 

The Superfruits and Supergreens gummies each have many healthy and beneficial ingredients, from essential vitamins and minerals to fruit and vegetable powders and extracts.

However, due to the nuance of many of the ingredients, such as whether they are pasteurized vs. unpasteurized, which is relatively unknown, the safety of these gummies has not been confirmed. While extremely unlikely to cause any problems during pregnancy, speak with your physician about taking these gummies while pregnant.

I hope you found this article helpful in learning more about the Goli Nutrition gummies and whether they are safe to consume during your pregnancy.