How to Know if Your Baby Has Whooping Cough


Pertussis, or whooping cough, is a serious illness that occurs in all people from infancy to adulthood. However, one of worst times to get it is during infancy as if it is left untreated, the illness can result in death. Symptoms of whooping cough normally comes between one and three weeks of being exposed to someone with whooping cough. Here are the symptoms that you can use to figure out if your baby has whooping cough.

Some Symptoms You Should Look Out For:

  • Cold-like symptoms paired with fever
  • Coughing Fits and Whooping during Fits  
  • Apnea – a pause in breathing
  • Vomiting (throwing up) during or after coughing fits
  • Cyanosis (blue/purplish skin coloration due to lack of oxygen) and vomiting is less

Whooping cough is a serious disease and if you see your baby starting to have these symptoms or believe that your baby may have whooping cough make sure to give your doctor a call and see how you should proceed. 

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