9 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Your Sister (New Aunt)

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One of the most exciting things about pregnancy—besides becoming a mom—is telling your family the news. The soon-to-be grandparents will often be your first target, but there’s something special about telling your sister she’s going to be an aunt.

Let’s face it: aunts have a reputation. She’ll be the one who buys the loudest, most annoying toys. She’ll teach the baby how to throw things and accidentally introduce him or her to swear words.

She’ll bring him home sugar-crazed right before bedtime (and then leave). She’s going to experience all the fun of having a baby without any of the responsibilities. What better news could she get?

The internet agrees. From funny presents to quirky t-shirts, sweet surprises to clever cards, here are some of the best ways to tell your sister about her upcoming promotion.

Personalized Mug

personalized mug is both cute and practical, with a huge range available on Etsy. This is a great option for the sister who lives and breathes coffee, or who can’t start her day without that steaming cup of tea. 

personalized mug for aunt to be in a box

Invite her over for coffee, and serve it in her new mug. Don’t forget to record her reaction! Even if she lives far away, it’ll still be a nice surprise when it arrives in the mail. She’ll smile every time she makes a drink.

Chalk Message

Every mom needs to perfect her chalk art skills. Arrange to meet your sister at your favorite café or coffee shop, then write your news on the sidewalk outside, before she arrives. It could be “Hello Aunt (name)” or the classic “The best sisters get promoted to aunt.” (Get the café’s permission if it’s on their property, of course.)

If you’re particularly artistic, add a few chalky flourishes like flowers, balloons, or a teddy bear. Then pull out your phone, ready to capture the look on her face.

Wine Label

I love this wine label on Etsy: “Pairs well with becoming an aunt.” (Select the aunt option.) Attach it to your sister’s most-loved wine and hand it over at dinner. Whether she’s a wine-pairing enthusiast or rolls her eyes at those who are, she’ll be thrilled about your news. And about the free wine.

pregnancy announcement wine label for new aunt

Pizza Box Surprise

If your hang-out time often involves pizza and movies, she’ll never see this one coming. Order a pizza (or any takeout food) and write a message inside the box, like “Congratulations on your promotion to aunt” or “The best sisters get promoted to aunt.”

If you put the ultrasound picture inside, you can make the message from the baby: “I can’t wait to meet you, Auntie (name)!”

The best part? You’ve got pizza already there, ready for your celebration. 

Balloon Letters

Here’s another great in-person option. Amazon sells balloon letters (which you fill with air, not helium), so you can tape a blown-up message on walls or doors. You have to select your phrase when you check out online, so choose your message beforehand.

Letter Balloons - Custom Phrase 16" Inch Alphabet Letters & Numbers Foil Mylar Balloon | Create Your Own Balloon Banner (Gold, Silver & Rose Gold)

Short messages are cheaper; “HELLO AUNT (NAME)” would work well. The next time your sister comes over, tape the balloons somewhere not immediately obvious, like in the kitchen or bathroom. Ask her to go get a drink from the kitchen, then listen for the squeal.

Scratch-Off Card

Sometimes a card says it best. Send your sister a scratch-off card like this one on Amazon Handmade. She gets to hear the good news, but only after she works for it. 

Pregnancy Scratch Off Card for Sister New Aunt

If her birthday is coming up, give her a “Happy Birthday to my Aunt” card from the new baby, and put the ultrasound picture inside. 

Feeling extra mischievous? Dump some glitter inside the card, along with a little note about how the mess is just a preview of what having a niece or nephew around will be like.

(She’ll have to forgive you. After all, you’ve made her an aunt.)

T-shirts Galore

Becoming an aunt is no small thing, and your sister will want to share the news with her friends, too. Solution? The New Aunt t-shirt.

It’s a pretty popular way to go, judging from the hundreds of choices all over the internet. This one from Etsy sums up an aunt’s main job: “Aunt Life: Love them, spoil them, give them back.”

aunt life shirt pregnancy announcement with jeans, sneakers and sunglasses

Others which caught my eye: one for the Friends fan (“Auntie: I’ll be there for you”) one for that sister with a love of dinosaurs (“Auntie-saurus”), and a cute celebratory shirt saying “Pop the champagne—Auntie is my new name.”

auntie I'll be there for you shirt with shoes and sunglasses
auntie saurus shirt for new aunt with jeans and sneakers
auntie is my new name shirt with shorts and sneakers

Whether your sister would prefer something simple and pretty like “Blessed Auntie” or something a little more quirky (Aunticorn, anyone?), the online creatives have you covered.

blessed auntie shirt with sunglasses
auntiecorn shirt with jeans and sneakers

Sneaky Spoon

The Sneaky Spoon involves food, possibly ice cream, and a little sneakiness on your part. Get a new aunt spoon (yes, that’s a thing), like this one which says, “Great sisters get promoted to aunt.” My personal favorite fits with the sneaky theme: “I love my (picture of an ant)”. It’s subtle, cute, and it might take her an extra second to get it.

Great Sisters Get Promoted To Aunt Spoon Baby Announcement Gifts For Sister Engraved Spoon Gift Ideas Parents Pregnancy Reveal Mothers Day Gift

 Invite your sister over for dinner or dessert, but make something that needs a spoon (chili, or ice cream). Serve her bowl with the spoon already in it, and see how long it takes her to notice.

Going out for ice cream will work, but it might be a little less sneaky, as most places will serve plastic spoons. Buy her ice cream, slip the spoon in it, and wait for the news to sink in.

Chocolate Box

a box of chocolate for pregnancy announcement to new aunt

What’s better than a pregnancy announcement? An edible pregnancy announcement, of course.

Your sister will probably ply your child with sweet things, so it makes sense to tell her the good news with a box of chocolate. This candy shop on Etsy makes personalized chocolate boxes, perfect for letting her in on the secret. 

personalized chocolate box pregnancy announcement gift for new aunt

“Aunt (name)” is short and sweet, or you could do “Best Aunt”, “I love Aunt (name)”, or “Hello Aunt (name).” 

In the end, it doesn’t matter how you break the news. All that matters is, she’s going to be an aunt! Now she can go get that tattoo, stock up on candy, and start shopping for annoying toys.