Your questions answered on safety, health and fitness, and nutrition during pregnancy.

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Health and Fitness

pile of globe artichokes
Artichokes During Pregnancy: Tea, Safety, Dip + More

If you’re pregnant, you may wonder if eating artichokes is safe. Artichokes are nutrient-rich vegetables …

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The Best Non-Toxic Candles that are Safe for Pregnancy

Pregnancy isn’t without stress, so it’s no surprise if you want to light candles, put …

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Can I Use a Hot Water Bottle During Pregnancy? Is It Safe?

No matter how much many women love being pregnant, there will always be some things …

pregnant woman getting cavity filled by a male dentist
Can You Get a Cavity Filled When Pregnant? Is It Safe?

When you’re a pregnant woman, wouldn’t it be nice if absolutely everything went exactly right …

Labor and Birth

a pregnant woman sitting on a birthing ball in a studio
Does Bouncing on a Ball Help Induce Labor? The Facts

Unsurprisingly, when women hit the final stretch of their pregnancies, they will try anything to …

a pregnant woman eating a salad
When (and What) To Eat Before Labor Induction

If you have recently learned that your doctor plans to induce labor to help you …

a pregnant woman sitting on a bed
What To Expect With Cervidil Inductions: Does It Hurt?

The thought of having their labor induced is terrifying to some women, but as of …

a pregnant lady having a massage
Want To Go Into Labor Tonight? 11 Natural Ways How

Any mom who has made it up to or past her predicted due date can …


Various Paleo diet products on wooden table
Is the Paleo Diet Safe During Pregnancy? Benefits and Risks

The Paleo diet is a popular eating plan that many turn to for weight loss. …

sauteed kale with nuts
Kale and Pregnancy: Safety, Benefits, and Risks

Kale is a nutrient-rich vegetable that is often considered to be a superfood. Due to …

Grilled salmon and orange slices on cutting board
Can You Eat Salmon When Breastfeeding? Smoked, Raw and More

Salmon is one of those things pregnant women take caution with, especially raw or smoked. …

avocado cut in half with seed on a cutting board
Can I Eat Avocado When Breastfeeding? Is it Safe?

Avocados have a reputation for being a healthy and nutritious fruit, but are they safe …