Can You Take Rolaids When Pregnant? Safety Guide

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Have you been searching for an over-the-counter solution for the heartburn and indigestion you experience during your pregnancy? Rolaids are a popular product, so you may wonder if they are safe to consume during pregnancy.  

Overall, Rolaids are safe to consume while pregnant, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosing. Rolaids are unlikely to cause any side effects, but they do contain magnesium, which can cause nausea, diarrhea, or stomach cramping. 

There are many different varieties of Rolaids available. Read on to learn which types are safe during pregnancy, how many to take, and how Rolaids compare to other brands of antacids.

Is it Safe To Take Rolaids During Pregnancy? 

Over 50% of pregnant women experience heartburn during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester (source: Cleveland Clinic). If you are suffering from these uncomfortable symptoms, you’re not alone!

Rolaids are a popular over-the-counter choice for heartburn relief. They are available as chalky chewable tablets or as soft chews. The main ingredients are calcium and magnesium, which neutralize stomach acid and relieve symptoms of indigestion and acid reflux. 

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Rolaids also contain sucrose, dextrose, stearic acid, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, flavoring, and Sucralose. These ingredients are considered safe to consume during all trimesters of pregnancy. 

Rolaids also offers Multi-Symptom Relief products, which come in chewable tablets and soft chews. This line of Rolaids is an antacid and anti-gas solution containing simethicone, a gas-relieving compound. Simethicone was deemed low risk for pregnant women in 2006 (source: American Gastroenterological Association). 

Rolaids used to be available in liquid form, but the company has since discontinued this product from its website. If you come across Rolaids liquid antacid products it is best to steer clear of them, since they are not manufactured anymore and may be expired. 

Other than the discontinued liquid products, all types of Rolaids are safe to consume during pregnancy in different amounts — more on this below!

How Many Rolaids Can I Take When Pregnant?

If you experience frequent heartburn and indigestion during your pregnancy, you might wonder how many Rolaids you can safely take. Since the recommendations vary by product, we’ll have a look at the different Rolaids varieties. 

Upper Limit of Magnesium: 350 milligrams daily (source: Nutrition Reviews).

Upper Limit of Calcium: 2,500 milligrams daily (source: Mayo Clinic).

ProductMaximum Per DayMG of Calcium EachMG of Magnesium Each
Extra Strength Chewable1027055
Ultra Strength Chewable740085
Ultra Strength Soft Chews5535100
Advanced Anti-Gas Chewables740085
Advanced Anti-Gas Soft Chews5535100

You can calculate the maximum amount to consume each day by dividing the upper limit of magnesium and calcium by the amount present in one tablet (listed above in the table). Go with whichever value is smaller.

For example, let’s say you want to figure out how many extra-strength Rolaids to take during pregnancy. Using the numbers above, you can consume about ten Rolaids each day based on calcium upper limits (2,500 divided by 270).

If you divide the magnesium upper limit (350 mg) by the amount of magnesium in each tablet (55 mg), you will find that you can consume six Rolaids per day. To avoid consuming too much magnesium, go with the lower number of six extra-strength Rolaids per day. 

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Rolaids vs. Tums When Pregnant: Which Is Better?

Tums is one of Rolaids’ main competitors in the antacid market. Tums products are very similar to Rolaids in appearance, safety, and effectiveness. The primary difference is that Tums contains only calcium as its main active ingredient, while Rolaids contain both calcium and magnesium.

Additionally, Tums do not contain simethicone, the anti-gas compound in the Advanced Rolaids Plus products. 

Overall, consuming either Tums or Rolaids antacid products is safe in correct amounts. However, while very unlikely, the magnesium in Rolaids may cause nausea, stomach cramping, or diarrhea (source: Mayo Clinic). 

For more information on eating Tums during pregnancy, check out this article here! 

Before you turn to an antacid for relief, here are a few tips and tricks to try to ease your heartburn and indigestion during pregnancy (source: Cleveland Clinic): 

  • Eat small meals and chew slowly.
  • Limit your caffeine consumption.
  • Decrease your consumption of spicy, fried, or high-fat foods.
  • Avoid citrus juices and citrus fruits.
  • Drink beverages between meals instead of during your meals.

Notice which foods and beverages (such as spicy, fried, citrus, etc.) trigger your heartburn the most and avoid them. These trigger foods are different for everyone, so it’s important to figure out which foods cause unpleasant symptoms for you.

I hope this article has helped you learn all the facts you need to know about consuming Rolaids during pregnancy!