8 Cute St. Patrick’s (Paddy’s) Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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St. Patrick’s Day is a fun time of year, isn’t it?

“Not if you’re pregnant,” you might say, as you watch everyone else clink their beer mugs.

Yes, even if you’re pregnant. Why not use this lucky holiday to announce your own little pot of gold? Lucky charms, shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows—the possibilities are endless when it comes to puns, clever signs, t-shirts, and adorable photos.

Whether you’ve got Irish heritage, you’re expecting a rainbow baby, or you’re just feeling extra lucky, here are 8 cute ideas to help you share your big news. 

1. O’Baby

Not sure if you can get any more Irish with this one: a t-shirt that says “O’Mommy” and “O’Baby”, a play on an Irish last name. Dads can join in the fun with an “O’Daddy” shirt, too.

Mom and Dad St Paddys Shirts

This is a versatile option, good for either an in-person announcement or an online photo. Etsy has a huge selection of O’Baby t-shirts and onesies. Wear one yourself, or take a picture of the onesie next to the ultrasound picture.

2. Irish I Could Drink

Irish I’d come up with this line myself! This cute play on words is a popular way to tell everyone why you’re not drinking this year. Etsy has lots of options, including t-shirts, digital printables, and chalkboard announcements.

Another version of this idea: take a picture of an empty beer/wine glass, with the text above saying, “Irish I could drink”, and the text below saying, “Do not refill until (due date)”. 

3. Pot of Gold

Rainbows and a pot of gold are classic St. Paddy’s Day themes. Etsy is full of cute printables that celebrate your new treasure, although if you’re good with programs like Canva or PicMonkey, you could make your own.

One popular line is, “What’s better than a pot of gold? A baby to hold!” (with a due date on the bottom).

St Paddys baby announcement sign

If you’re expecting a rainbow baby, get a sign like this one: “We found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Baby (last name) due (month/year).”

St Patricks pot of gold printable

4. Eating for Two, Drinking for Three

This is a great way to get your partner involved: wear t-shirts or hold up signs that say, “Eating for Two” and “Drinking for Three”. T-shirts could be fun if you’re attending a St. Patrick’s Day party, but if you’re announcing on social media, a picture of you holding the signs works just as well.

St Patricks Day baby announcement pregnancy T shirts

Some couples take pictures of themselves at a table, with the mom in front of a huge plate of food, and her partner surrounded by drinks. If you’re a baker, why not bake a St. Paddy’s Day-themed cake and hold a fork above it, ready to dig in?  

5. Fourth Leaf

You want to know what’s just as fun as announcing your first pregnancy? Announcing your second!

If you’ve got Baby #2 on the way, take advantage of the four-leaf clover theme with this cute sign from Etsy. It says, “We’re adding a fourth leaf to our clover! Baby (last name) is due (month/year).”

St Patricks pregnancy announcement printable

You can post it online, or print it out and let your child hold it along with the ultrasound picture.

6. I’m So Lucky – Big Brother/Sister

Here’s another option for Baby #2: these adorable shirts from Amazon’s Handmade department. Around a four-leaf clover, it says, “I’m so lucky—soon to be a big sister/brother! Coming (month/year).”

Take a photo of your child holding the ultrasound photo and some paper four-leaf clovers.

Personalized Big Sister Shirt St Patricks Day Big Sister Pregnancy Announcement Shirt Handmade Big Sister Shirt

Get him to help make his own four-leaf clovers (or at least decorate them when you’re done cutting them out) as a bonus activity. If you’re lucky, you might even get an extra ten minutes to lie down while he works.

7. Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

If you’re getting together with family or friends this St. Patrick’s Day, share your luck with these fake lottery scratch-off tickets. Tell your guests you’ve bought them all a ticket on the luckiest day of the year. 

The last row reveals a win, but when they scratch off the prize at the bottom, they’ll see the message: “We’re Having a Baby!” The looks on their faces will be one to remember. 

My two favorites on Amazon are Triple Your Luck and Lucky Clovers

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8. Double the Luck

If you’re having twins, try this digital download with two onesies. The first one says, “We got extra lucky this year!”, and the second says, “(Last name) twins”. 

If you’d rather do your own photo, make two of these four-leaf clovers. You and your partner can each hold one, or you can hold them both over your stomach, depending on how big you make them. Add the same “We got extra lucky” text above the photo (or in the social media caption). 

Two more good lines to use: “We have two more reasons to feel lucky this year!” or “Double the luck, twice the love.” Then add the “(Last name) twins arriving (month/year).” 

Announcing your pregnancy on St. Patrick’s Day will make it your most memorable one. And who says you can’t drink? Enjoy a St. Paddy’s Day-themed mocktail along with all the attention!